Tulsi Gabbard Should Leave the Democratic Party

She’s better than the rest of the Democratic Party. Tulsi proved herself to be a true progressive when she sacrificed her leadership position at the DNC in order to formally endorse and campaign for Bernie Sanders. While the DNC tilted the scales, against their own bylaws that require impartiality, Tulsi played by the rules on principle. And for what?

Surely Gabbard knew that the DNC was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton. Her former position meant she had to have been privy to the unethical agreement that was reached. Yet she still, knowing full well that Bernie would be denied the nomination, endorsed and campaigned on his behalf. She put it all on the line even while knowing that line wouldn’t lead to victory.

That decision will forever define Tulsi Gabbard for any progressives that were paying attention. Gabbard, arguably even more so than Sanders himself, can be depended on as a rare moral compass in politics.

She then went on to rightly doubt the false-flag attacks in Syria, the multiple attempts to smear President Assad for gassing his own people. In truth, it was the Syrian rebels who did this. Those rebels, employed by the CIA, included members of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and Al-Nusra.

This is what prompted Tulsi to introduce the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act” in the House, a no-brainer bill that would formerly make it illegal for the U.S. Government to arm or aid terrorists. It is stunning that such a law even had to be proposed, but even more stunning is that it has yet to even be brought up for a vote. Gee, I wonder why?

Why bring this up now? Because Tulsi Gabbard just lost the support of the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) in her campaign for re-election in November.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 2.21.09 PM


The HSTA wrote:
She was one of just three representatives, and the only Democrat who refused to condemn Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad’s genocidal chemical attack on his own people. After the attack, Gabbard traveled to Syria to meet with the genocidal dictator al-Assad without permission from the White House or Congress. Her trip was funded by a group with ties to al-Assad supporters and she only covered the expenses herself after the news media reported who paid for her trip.

Then, after al-Assad bombed his people again, Gabbard continued to refuse to admit the attack had occurred. At the same time, she voted to practically ban Syrian refugees from coming into the United States after the Paris terrorist attacks, even though Syrian refugees were not involved in the attacks.

The criticism leveled against Gabbard for her position on Syria are unfounded. Based on the actual evidence (or lack thereof) and not the mere accusations elevated by corporate media, Tulsi was correct to remain skeptical. The second criticism that Gabbard “voted to practically ban Syrian refugees from coming into the United States” is also false. Yes, she did vote for the SAFE Act, but it wasn’t a vote to ban anyone:


Yet the author of this HuffPo article, Amanda Terkel, failed to correct this extreme mischaracterization. This is NOT a professional journalist. I have invited her to interview to address this issue as of 5/26 and am waiting for her to respond.

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.46.12 PM

But why would the Huffington Post, a supposedly Leftist news website, allow such a lazy smear to be published? As always, follow the money.

As of June 2017, the Huffington Post was owned by Oath, Inc., a subsidiary of (drum roll please) Verizon Communications. And who did Verizon overwhelmingly back in 2016?

Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 3.08.56 PM

Is it therefore surprising that HuffPo would help smear a progressive like Tulsi Gabbard? Not at all. You just need to know where to look to confirm it.

After the concerted efforts made by both neoliberal Democrats and the neoliberal media to smear Tulsi as being anti-immigrant and pro-Assad, I believe it’s high time that she abandon the Democratic Party entirely. Her progressive views do not align with their agenda, and thank Buddha for that, so why does she bother to remain under their umbrella?

It cannot be for money, being that she refuses corporate donations. There is no reason whether ideologically, practically, or morally for her to continue to retain a “D” next to her name. If she wishes to remain a Democrat to make the mid-terms go smoother, so be it. But after November, Tulsi Gabbard should join Bernie Sanders and register as an Independent. Doing so would undoubtedly draw media attention, giving her an opportunity to reclaim the spotlight and set herself up for a potential Presidential run in 2020.

I sincerely hope she considers this advice. The future of this country, if it still has one, will depend on progressives taking the boldest stands possible rather than playing it safe in such dangerous times.


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