Ray McGovern Assaulted by American Gestapo

Ray McGovern, veteran CIA analyst from 1963-1990 turned political activist, spoke out at a Senate hearing against Gina Haspel, Trump’s pick for CIA director. Why? Because Haspel directly oversaw and supported U.S. acts of torture during the Bush Administration.

This makes her a proven war criminal under international law for violating the Geneva Conventions, yet she is still on the verge of being awarded one of the highest positions in the U.S. military-industrial complex.

Meanwhile McGovern, rightfully protesting, gets publicly assaulted for speaking out of turn at a hearing. The 78-year old was aggressively removed from the room then thrown to the ground, had his shoulder dislocated, and has been charged with resisting arrest and unlawfully disrupting Congress.

“I wish you wouldn’t beat up an old man,” McGovern told U.S. Capitol Police officers in the video, who told him repeatedly to stop resisting. “I’m not resisting. I’m not. I’m laying on the ground!”

Rather than punish those responsible for war crimes (thanks Obama, for granting immunity to all the Bush era torturers), one of the chief overseers of the illegal torture program is being given MORE power while U.S. law enforcement beats up an 80-year old man and threatens him with prison time for peacefully denouncing the atrocities committed.

The American Empire is a morally bankrupt, hypocritical, and sociopathic terrorist organization that must be eradicated. It isn’t inept, it isn’t stupid; it’s an intentional, evil force that rewards those who threaten global peace and punishes those who dare to speak out against it. And they call this the land of the free?


Is any of this starting to sink in yet? God, I hope so. Because we are rapidly running out of time to turn things around.


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