The Deep State Targets Iran

North Vietnam didn’t cause the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction. Gaddafi didn’t refuse to give up his weapons. The Russians didn’t hack the 2016 election. Assad didn’t launch chemical gas attacks in Syria. Iran didn’t fire missiles at Israel last night.

The U.S. Government and media has said the opposite for all these items, for as long as it’s been conducive to their objective. The Deep State, an imperialist terrorist organization made up of U.S. intelligence agencies, is maintained by the corporate Oligarchs who own Congress (law-makers), law enforcement (law-enforcers), and the corporate media (enablers of the previous).

As such, you’re going to hear a lot about Iran over the next few weeks, much of it entirely untrue, as the Deep State pushes hard for war. It’s already being promoted by false media narratives, with enthusiastic support for escalation against Iran coming from both Saudi Arabia (who we are complicit with in the ongoing Yemeni genocide) and Israel (who continues to assassinate peaceful Palestinian protestors and foment aggression against Syria/Iran).

The enemy is not Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Libya, or any of the other countries we’ve provoked conflict with since WW2. The enemy is the Deep State and all of the willful puppets who contribute to their mission of merciless imperialism and global dominance. Resist the propaganda. Demand evidence. Follow the money. Exercise logic and reason. THINK.

Kennedy did try to warn us, before the CIA had him executed, that it was the media’s duty to inform the public about the growing strength of secret societies (aka, the military-industrial complex), to be a buffer against propaganda by unflinchingly reporting truth regardless of potential consequence. But the bought and paid for media recused themselves of that responsibility, shifting from  MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, etc. are all propaganda machines that perpetuate war and preserve the status quo.

There needs to be a complete revision in the way we operate not just as a country but as a species, a realignment of priorities that yields a system in which leaders of integrity rise to the forefront, who value the well-being of the majority first and profits second; who operate in the interest of peace, while those consumed by baser instincts of greed and aggression are discouraged; pushed to the distant peripherals until purged from the human psyche. THAT is the only path to sustainable prosperity.

What legal means can you think of for achieving this arguably idealistic but very much achievable goal? Can you?




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