The World vs. The Empire

I previously mentioned on this page that John Bolton’s appointment as Trump’s National Security Advisor would ensure yet another unprovoked, draconian, regime-change war. The first target is now clear: Iran. The official pullout from the nuclear deal struck by Obama, one of the very few positive accomplishments of his disgraceful Presidency, now all but ensures it. This pullout has been done in defiance to the wishes of every European ally and despite warnings from an already dangerously agitated Russia.

RE: Trump declares US leaving ‘horrible’ Iran nuclear accord

“If the deal collapses, Iran would be free to resume prohibited enrichment activities, while businesses and banks doing business with Iran would have to scramble to extricate themselves or run afoul of the U.S. American officials were dusting off plans for how to sell a pullout to the public and explain its complex financial ramifications. Even Trump’s secretary of state and the U.N. agency that monitors nuclear compliance agree that Iran, so far, has lived up to its side of the deal. But the deal’s critics, such as Israel, the Gulf Arab states and many Republicans, say it’s a giveaway to Tehran that ultimately paves the path to a nuclear-armed Iran several years in the future.”

To the rest of the world, I implore you to stop the United States Government sooner, not later. If turning the Pentagon and the White House into craters is what it takes, then so be it. The time to do so was yesterday.

How many more civilians need to be slaughtered before you all recognize that the American Empire will never cease it’s cancerous spread? When the Deep State is done setting the middle-east on fire, do you seriously think it won’t target Asia? Europe? Do you think there’s an actual quota? There isn’t. This is an endless perpetual war. The day it ends is the day the U.S. has complete dominion over all nations. And by then it would be far too late to fight back. It may already be too late. Just as Russia pushed back against German imperialism, so must the brakes be put on the draconian American Empire.

The only nation to ever drop a nuclear bomb on another country was and still is the United States. And on two civilian cities, no less. Yet the world did nothing but cheer. Meanwhile 4+ million more civilians have been killed since 1990 and still Western democracies enable the slaughter to continue whether through silent passivity or outright complicity.

How can any entity or rational-minded person still hold trust in the United States government? If you allow weapon inspections, as Saddam had, there is still a war. If you disarm as Syria did, there is still war.  There is no evidential basis to support such blind faith other than fear of reprisal, fear of the sacrifice required to do what is moral and just. This is an understandable fear, but the longer inaction continues the more difficult it becomes to take effective action.

The moral objective for the international community should be to impose regime-change on the United States. Anything less leaves the species itself at risk of extinction, whether from nuclear fallout or inaction on climate change or both.


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