Same System, Different Face

For any who still complain about federal spending in regards to welfare, education, etc., take a look at these charts. Really compare them and realize you’re complaining about the wrong areas of spending and demonizing the wrong recipients.

This shows you the priorities of the Oligarchs who own this country, the Oligarchs who ultimately must be eliminated. Sure, give them a fair trial first. They can have their day in Court. But when found guilty, there should be no mercy for these sociopathic tumors on our society.

Be sure to look at both charts because the differences between Obama’s discretionary budget and Trump’s isn’t nearly as significant as you may have thought. This indisputably illustrates that the problem isn’t Trump, the problem is the system itself. And it’s been this way for decades.2017_pres_budget_disc_spending_pie.png

Wake up, America, before the nation falls into a permanent coma, resigned to fate and desensitized to slaughter. These are your tax-dollars being prioritized to the funding of genocides, assassinations, the deaths of innocents (over 4+ million since 1990).


It is our moral obligation and responsibility to put a stop to this insanity. Americans must rise up and overthrow their gov’t, for it clearly no longer represents the will of the majority.

Not even close.


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