White Cop Says He’s “Comfortable” After Murdering Black Woman

Serve and protect…? More like oppress and endanger. Murdering a woman with a head shot immediately after she emerged from a burning vehicle… is there anything more cowardly?

Illinois Cops Taser, then Shoot and Kill Woman Trying to Escape Burning Car

“The report says Clements was shot twice in the head and once in the chest on March 12 by Elgin cop Lt. Christian Jensen. Jensen has since been on paid leave and has not yet been charged with a crime.”

I don’t even know what to say about this one. The headline really says it all. Do you really need any more convincing that U.S. law enforcement commits terrorism? These are the American Gestapo and such killers must be purged from our society, whether through legal means or street justice.

It’s increasingly evident that the latter will be required.

This latest death was due to trigger-happy Lt. Chris Jensen of the Elgin Police Department in Illinois. What Jensen failed to acknowledge to reporters is that he had a taser and rubber bullets on-hand but opted for the kill shot instead.

‘Boys, this is gonna be rough’: Elgin police had Taser, rubber bullets ready before fatally shooting woman

He was only put on paid leave, aka a paid vacation as a reward for his actions. Yes, Clements had a knife. But yes, there are ways to disarm to deescalate without resorting to unnecessary murder.

According to the article, Jensen says that what transpired “sucks,” but that he had little choice, adding, “I am fully comfortable with what happened.” Asked by another officer how he was doing, Jensen responded, “Oh, I’m good. I mean I don’t know what else we were going to do there. I’m not happy, it absolutely sucks, but I was stuck, you know, she’s burning in the car. Now we gotta move. At the end of the day… unfortunately, it just is what it is.”

If you’ve felt helpless in the face of these barbaric police shootings, this is an opportunity to do something. Below is Jensen’s contact information. Use it to tell him EXACTLY how you feel. He says he’s comfortable with what happened? Only a shameless sociopath would feel that way after taking a human life. So let’s make him feel as uncomfortable as possible.

Ruin his vacation.

Lieutenant Chris Jensen
(847) 289-2974


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