Gov. Kim Reynolds: Pro-Life Radical

Iowa just made it impossible for women to have an abortion after a mere 6-weeks of pregnancy. It’s my understanding that most women don’t even realize that they’re pregnant until around that time, so this isn’t mere regulation. This is essentially a state-wide ban on abortion and an outright violation of a woman’s right to choose, a right firmly established by the Supreme Court in 1973.

Iowa governor signs nation’s strictest abortion regulation

It is absurd that in 2018, over four decades later, religiosity still has such an irrational and illegal impact on women’s rights despite the separation of Church and State. Even more stunning is that the Governor of Iowa is a woman herself, presumably the self-hating variety.

Although our elections are rigged under Oligarchy, we must not cease to exercise the right to vote. Iowa has the opportunity to try and remove this horrendous woman out of office on November 6, 2018. I highly suggest you do so, Iowa. And if you fail, find a non-legal means of removing her.


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