U.S. Bombs Syria (Again) Over Lies

Consider the following, because the corporate media never will.

If President Assad were guilty of using chemical weapons, and there is no evidence to support it, then he’d be guilty of using those weapons on terror groups like ISIS (aka, the “Syrian rebels”). Would that still be a war crime? Yes. But as far as targets go, it would be a worthy one and in the genuine name of national defense.

Meanwhile, even the CIA-partnered Washington Post reported in 2016 that the United States had sold weapons to Saudi Arabia that included white phosphorous, which was later used on fishing villages in Yemen. Not on ISIS, not on actual threats, but on poor fishermen and their families in one of the poorest nations in the world.

“Under U.S. regulations, white phosphorus sold to other countries is to be used only for signaling to other troops and creating smoke screens. When the munition explodes, it releases white phosphorus that automatically ignites in the air and creates a thick white smoke. When used against soldiers or civilians, it can maim and kill by burning to the bone. U.S. officials confirmed that the American government has supplied the Saudis white phosphorus in the past but declined to say how much had been transferred or when. After reviewing a social media image taken from the battlefield that showed a white phosphorus mortar shell, a U.S. official said it appeared to be American in origin but could not trace it to a particular sale because some of the markings were obscured.”

Even if Assad were guilty of what he’s been accused of doing (and again, he isn’t) then the United States is still hypocritical to condemn it and far more guilty of committing far worse war crimes.

France, the UK, and the United States are deeply, deeply in the wrong for last nights assault on Syria. It was an unjustified provocation and a gross violation of international law. These nations deserve whatever consequences come next, as do we all for not stopping our own governments when we’ve had numerous chances to do so.

The only true victims in all of this are the Syrian people themselves. The Deep State has overplayed their imperial hand but is still going all-in rather than fold. What will follow is what has already been long underway; the gradual collapse of the Empire. The rest of the world should wise up and turn against the United States rather than chase it down the inevitable drain. France and the UK especially should cease allegiance to America’s morally-bankrupt agenda, to re-evaluate who they are and who they call friends.

America is a nuclear-armed child throwing her final, reckless tantrum. Hopefully Russia will finally snap and target Washington D.C. to liberate the American people, because we are the ones most in catastrophic need for regime-change due to our impact on the rest of the globe.

We are a country of aggressive imperialists that kill millions while still daring to lecture about peace. We are the nation of Oligarchy and rigged elections who dare to still lecture about democracy. We are the terrorists who dared to launch a war on terror.

The sooner the global community has the foresight to recognize the hypocrisy and move to the right side of history, the sooner the Empire has no allies left to lean on, the safer the world will become. Peace is possible only after the U.S. Government collapses, not before. Let us hope that other nations are more merciful than we have been to them when they deliver the final inevitable blow.


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