A Gilded Rage

I’ve called out Bernie Sanders for his role (albeit minor) in pushing the unsubstantiated Russiagate narrative and for wasting time we don’t have trying to polish the massive irredeemable turd known as the Democratic Party, even AFTER they rigged him out of being our next President.

I know that there are some progressives who have written him off entirely for it, but I maintain that position to be a severe error in judgment. Consider what is coming next in 2020. Our votes themselves will mean NOTHING under the current Oligarchy (participate anyway), but if public sentiment is strongly enough in favor of a particular candidate the Establishment would be unable to combat it. Not because they have morals (sociopaths are devoid of such things) but because they know the people are enraged enough that the mood for organized revolt is no longer tepid. It is growing, it is active, it is real. And if unleashed it would be unyielding.

The Establishment is terrified of a collection of pitchforks outside their windows, brought into their homes, then pierced through their necks. They know they have greatly overplayed their greedy hands. Oligarchs, a few thousand at best, thought they could endlessly oppress 320 million people, that they could take and take and take as if the wealth of the middle-class were their endless piggy bank. But the well is running dry and they know that when it runs out the people will come for them in the night to take back what was and is rightfully theirs. The Establishment knows their days are numbered if they continue on the current trajectory.

They might be evil, but they aren’t stupid. Self-preservation is still on their agenda. This is why they would be forced to allow a Progressive to again take power, much like FDR, who then implemented the New Deal and taxes on income of over three million hit 94%. The resulting tax revenue was used to invest in the middle-class via programs like Social Security, Medicare, the Glass-Steagall Act that broke up the Big Banks, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act, among others. The middle-class prospered, as did the wealthy because wealth trickles up, not down.

Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump have all supported the opposite, the only difference being a matter of degrees. Whether you like their personalities or not, their history of policy is undeniable. If you’re still attached to any of them, you need to learn your history and get on the right side of it.

As a result of the New Deal, Roosevelt served three terms and would have been appointed King if the people had their way. Because progressivism actually works. But when FDR died, Truman stepped in and dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and betrayed the deal FDR had made with the Soviet Union, ergo starting a domino-effect that spiraled into the Cold War, a propagandized excuse to build-up the largest threat to the species: the military-industrial complex (aka the Deep State).

The Red Scare was used by the FBI to prosecute and subdue progressives, particularly those who supported socialism, bolstered popularity for capitalism by default (the very cause of the Great Depression in the first place), and promoted ever-increasing funding for the Deep State, rendering it’s dream of global domination an actual reality.
False-flag stratagems by the CIA to bolster their draconian foreign policy were successfully and tragically implemented. This all took place under both Republican and Democratic administrations knowingly, willingly, and intentionally. MLK Jr. tried to warn us and was killed for it by the FBI. JFK tried to warn us and was killed for it by the CIA.
Once the Deep State was able to successfully pull off removing a President their agenda had no further obstacles. That was the start of their gradual coup.
The people of this country are literally dying due to the consequences of living under an imperialistic Empire that still holds fast to a failed system of economic Darwinism, today resulting in the highest level of income inequality since the height of the Gilded Age (which began in the late 1860’s). Despite all the knowledge we now possess, despite knowing what works and what doesn’t, despite all the trial-and-errors that took place over more than a century, we are now right back to that disgusting period of extreme wealth inequality. How disgusting is it exactly?
As of 2017, the three wealthiest Americans held more wealth than half of the entire country. And that was before the $1.3 trillion tax cut for the wealthy passed by the Trump regime. Really think about that for a full minute before you continue reading.
History is again repeating itself, but this time the stakes are much higher, the Establishment more self-aware and unrelenting, and the mood for revolt rightly threatens to boil over as a result. At least leadership during the previous Gilded Age could be excused, to some degree, by citing a genuine lack of awareness at the time. The country didn’t have much in the way of mass transportation, highways weren’t yet built (let alone cars), and the ability to effectively communicate over great distances via cell phones or the internet were a long, long ways off. National consensus was far more difficult to gauge. Ignorance was easier to plead. But in 2018, we are very much connected.
The owners of this country know exactly what the people want and need. The majority supports tuition-free college, single-payer, paid family leave, a transition to renewable energy, higher taxation on the obscenely wealthy, an end to the wars, an end to mass incarceration, the breaking up of the Big Banks, affordable housing, a living wage, etc. Whether Republican or Democrat or Independent, the majority of this country supports a progressive platform.
The Establishment knows they must yield a little or lose everything. If they don’t allow steam to vent, the middle-class will explode and take their cues from the violent, radical, but very much necessary period of the French Revolution.
They are right to fear us.
Bernie Sanders is their only realistic chance of preventing such an outcome. I would prefer Tulsi Gabbard, but Bernie is by far the most popular politician with the most name recognition, the most built-in support, and the most mobilized grassroots organizations ready to fight. Whatever qualms you might have with Bernie must be put aside. He is an imperfect ally, but an ally with the greatest surge of progressive momentum nonetheless. He is the greatest realistic hope we have for achieving a peaceful, legislative means of revolution.
After he removed the curtain and exposed the Establishment in 2016, the public has become increasingly aware of how rigged the system is. We will not tolerate being denied what is ours again in 2020.
If Bernie Sanders runs as an Independent there is still hope for peace. If he runs as a Democrat, there is not. He is showing some strong signs of finally giving up on reforming the corporate Dems, returning to his more blunt critique of the Party’s objective failures.

I’d prefer to have launched an all-out, merciless overthrow of the entire U.S. Government years ago. My anger is indescribable, but we must act wisely rather than out of emotional outrage. In order to maintain the moral high-ground, integrity, and righteousness of our movement we must ensure that we embrace any and all avenues for peaceful revolution first before we resort to violence.
Yes, the middle-class does have a final gasp of hope remaining. And his name is Bernie Sanders, imperfections and all. And if he should fail…?
No more half-measures.


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