Why the Parkland Shooting Won’t be the Last

The continued gun violence in this country is tragic, but the greater tragedy is how little is being done to prevent these attacks from happening again.

Legislatively we should be banning semi-automatics, limiting guns to 1-2 per household, requiring 4-6 weeks of gun training classes before purchasing a firearm, disarming local police, and (of course) requiring thorough background checks before purchasing a firearm, along with mental health screenings.

This is sensible gun regulation, not a ban.

The solution, however, must run deeper than just regulating the gun industry. We need to understand the underlying motivations for these mass shootings and do what we can as a collective to mitigate those motives. With democracy dead, income inequality surpassing the levels of 1928, a lack of adequate healthcare, wages that have not increased since the mid-70’s, increasingly unaffordable college, cops killing citizens without consequence, climate change triggering a sixth mass extinction event, and predatory capitalists not only being apathetic to all of this but promoting these practices at the highest positions of power… well, it’s not surprising that the majority is enraged.

I’m enraged.

But I cannot fathom ever targeting innocent civilians, especially kids at a school. The White House? I get it. The Deep State, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc? I get it. Local law enforcement? I get it. Congress? I get it. Wall Street CEO’s? I get it. These are all people who vote for, manipulate, enforce, or otherwise carry-out draconian measures that actively work against the best interests of the American people. They spy on us without warrants, they bomb other nations without cause, they arrest and kill without justification, and all without facing a consequence. But if you’re caught with a few pot brownies in Texas you can still face 60 years in prison.

This is the result of allowing the American Gestapo to run the country and they’ve been at it for several decades. This did not start with Trump, but it certainly might end with him. Don’t expect our law enforcement, judicial system, or politicians to mitigate the slippery slope to fascism. The days of checks and balances are over, with very few exceptions, and won’t be coming back through legal means of change. The 2016 primary made that abundantly clear.

So yes, I understand why people would get angry enough to start to firing back at their oppressors, whether it’s out of a general sense of justice, desperation, or uncontainable outrage. But shooting up a school? Ridiculous. If someone in this country is so enraged that he/she is convinced that violence is required… so be it. That’s a choice and I do not condemn it.

Enough is enough, but the targets should at least be those that are deserving, the corrupt who hold power and bring intentional harm to those they swore an oath to protect. Never the innocent.

As I told the FBI when they swung by my home for a “chat” on Tuesday night: if things do not change, the people will make change happen by force. There are peaceful means for this to happen, but those means are increasingly less viable options. I told them that, historically, revolution is inevitable when a people are oppressed too deeply and for too long. Fire at a people long enough and severely enough and they will… out of necessity for self-preservation… fire back.

The last thing we, the people, actually want is a further escalation of violence or war. But if the day comes that there is simply no other option, we will do what is necessary. And because we know we’d likely have only one shot, we’d have to make damned sure to make it count.

I hope that day does not come. I hope against all odds that we do find a peaceful, legal resolution to the egregious atrocities committed by the U.S. Government, both foreign and domestic. But my hopes are as sincere as they are unlikely to be fulfilled. There is a war already underway, a war from within. It’s been on our doorstep for quite some time, but only one side has been waging it. They are forcing our hand, not the other way around.

Despite being directly pressured by the Deep State themselves, I will never stop shining a light on the darkness they have imposed on our lives.

Either the system reforms itself or we will impose the changes required. Whether or not the means for achieving this goal are peaceful or violent depends entirely on the level of pushback from those in power. Based on history, I anticipate the worst will be required to right the many wrongs perpetuated against us.

Stay strong, stay on message, and share the truth. And only ever use violence as an absolute last resort, wielded solely against those most-directly responsible for their crimes against humanity. Because unlike them, we cannot allow ourselves to devolve into such levels of sociopathic depravity. If we do, we lose the moral high-ground.

If we lose that, we lose everything.


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