Today I came home to something I wasn’t surprised to see, based on our ever-expanding surveillance state, but was still alarming to encounter. The FBI were on my doorstep. I had just taken out the trash and came back to find two plainclothes agents, seemingly just about to knock on the door to my apartment. I knew it wasn’t cops because the boys in blue love to show off their uniform and any law enforcement above the FBI level was unlikely.

I greeted them and answered a few questions, mostly ones that they would have already known if they’d done their homework. (They actually asked for my phone number, which was pretty funny). I will say this, right off the bat, that both agents were nice enough people. They were respectful toward me and I have nothing personally against these individuals based on our interaction. But they do willingly work for a terrorist organization, so… there’s also that.

These FBI agents came to see me because of my Facebook page, American Revolt.

(This was prior to switching platforms to this website).

Specifically, they cited a post I’d made that hypothesized how to go about attacking police stations (infrastructure damage only) with drones, which apparently prompted someone to report it to the FBI. Whether or not this is what inspired them to pay me a visit, who knows? It’s always wise to maintain skepticism when it comes to the American Gestapo.

These agents said they needed to assess whether or not I posed a genuine “threat to national security”. I’m not going to lie. I was flattered. I was asked if I owned any weapons, what I would do if I knew of an attack in advance, would I alert the authorities, why did I have such anger toward the police, etc etc.

My views were already public so I had no problem affirming them. I spoke politely, but made my views clear. I have, do, and will always support peaceful methods of resolving the problems that face this country as long as a peaceful avenue still exists to do so. As we know from history, a revolution is highly likely based on record levels of income inequality and the massive systemic corruption at every level of our government. Legal means of change are drying up quickly since we are no longer a democracy and are now ruled by Oligarchs. If we can’t decide who are lawmakers are, how do expect to change the laws?

It’s not surprising that agreeing with JFK is drawing the attention of the Deep State. They are, after all, the ones who killed him.

The FBI made it clear that I should stop posting this material and advised removing some posts altogether. I replied bluntly that I would continue exposing the U.S. Government without any censorship, including my belief that it must inevitably be overthrown, but that I would make a point to reiterate the position that violence is and always should be a method of last resort.

But a resort nonetheless.


NOTE: Due to the FBI flipping out like little bitches and threatening a lawsuit over my the below video, I have now re-released it with careful edits to ensure that the FBI agent’s name is NOT discernible. The audio has been masked to protect his identity. The phone number mentioned is publicly available, so I left it in.

My point was/is to expose the FBI’s policy of harassment, not to single out any individual. These edits reinforce that. This kind of harassment (and worse) has been happening to progressives nationwide, most recently including Max Blumenthal and Medea Benjamin.

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