#1 Cause of Domestic and Global Terrorism: AMERICA

If you doubt that we could ever turn into the next Nazi Germany, you aren’t paying attention because you’ve missed the boat.

Our military has killed 4+ million Muslim civilians overseas since 1990 alone (and 20 million people overall since WWll ended). Here’s just a taste:

And no, you cannot argue that we’ve acted out of self-defense because Americans are statistically more likely to be killed by lightning than by a terrorist. You are even eight times more likely to be killed by an American cop than as a result of terrorism. Though I would argue, of course, that this means American cops are terrorists.

Speaking of our boys in blue, let’s not gloss over their crimes. They kill over 1000 Americans annually. They’ve killed 4,691 of us during 2014-2017 alone. As of 2/5, 127 American citizens have already been killed by cops in 2018. While there may been some upticks in violent crime in recent years (which is to be expected with the rise of income inequality) it has been overall trending lower. Yet despite our increasing civility, law enforcement continues to incarcerate more of us, not less.

There is no correlation between incarceration rates and violent crime.


The U.S. has more citizens in prison than any other nation.

The sooner we all get on the same page of reality the sooner we will have the numbers to accomplish what is necessary to end the American Gestapo and replace it with a progressive, moral, democratic system of governance.

The only thing radical would be to continue down the current path of apathy and ignorance in the face of such stark and clear realities. All of our problems can be fixed once enough of us finally agree that we’ve had enough, overthrow the U.S. Government, and reboot this archaic system. But the window for doing so is not endlessly open. Between the very real and immediate global threats of climate change and nuclear war there is not time left to waste.

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