25 Reasons Why Obama Was A Neoliberal Failure

The Trump regime continues to shamelessly destroy the country at almost every turn, but some liberals are forgetting that the country was already being decimated by decades of draconian leadership while under both Republican and Democrat Administrations since at least 1981.

Ronald Reagan was the first to successfully implement neo-politics, with his brand being neo-conservativism. In response, the Democrats abandoned their left-wing policies to compete as “better” Republicans. They too embraced corporations but maintained their more-liberal stance on social issues. While Jimmy Carter was arguably a neoliberal, it was Bill Clinton who successfully weaponized the ideology and accomplished largely the same goals Reagan had sought. George Bush then mirrored Reagan and Obama borrowed from Clinton.

The subset of leftists who fail to see any difference between neoliberalism and progressivism are the biggest voting bloc to overcome. These delusional Americans remain enthusiastic Hillary-supporters and continue to reflect fondly on the Obama era, a legacy that Hillary had vowed to continue and build upon.

Why are these voters dangerous?
Because they will vote for neoliberals again, thinking that it’s a better alternative to neoconservatives. They fail to understand voting for neo-candidates of any kind only furthers empowers corporations, worsens corruption, and impedes progress. It’s important to recognize that nearly the entire Democratic Party as it exists today is littered with neoliberals that must be voted out.

Stubborn voters on the left are as ignorant to reality as Trump-supporters are on the right. Both are threats to both restoring democracy and a progressive future. We cannot afford to be blinded any longer. So for those who “forgot”, were never educated in the first place, or simply need a reminder, here is a list of what was delivered by the previous (and hopefully last) neoliberal President and why we need to avoid repeating the same mistake again.

Top 25 Failures of the Obama Presidency 
(1) Signed off on giving the military the power to arrest and hold Americans by suspending the writ of habeas corpus, a key protection provided by the U.S. Constitution that prevents the government from holding a citizen indefinitely without showing probable cause.

(2) Expanded the power of the NSA to share globally-intercepted personal communications with all 16 other intelligence agencies, including satellite transmissions, phone calls and emails, before applying privacy protections.

(3) Appointed Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education, who had previously closed dozens of public schools in Chicago and openly supported privatizing K-12.

(4) Bombed eight countries, none of which had attacked the United States, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somolia, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Pakistan.

(5) Deported 3.2 million illegal immigrants, more than all other previous U.S. Presidents combined.

(6) Launched the drone assassination program that Noam Chomsky correctly describes as “the most extensive global terrorism campaign the world has yet seen” with a civilian casualty rate of 90%.

(7) Provided weapons to ISIS and Al-Qaeda to overthrow the democratically-elected dictator in Syria.

(8) Backed the assassination of the Libyan President Gaddafi.

(9) Refused to take action when peaceful protestors (“Water Protectors”) were brutalized by law enforcement in North Dakota for trying to stop the construction of an oil pipeline through legally-protected Native American land. (RE: #NoDAPL)

(10) Supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal that would have allowed corporations to sue the government over regulations that reduced their profits, thereby ceding regulatory control to the corporations themselves.

(11) Touted “clean coal” and fracking as environmentally-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels, both of which are highly dangerous contributors to climate change.

(12) Half of his Cabinet appointees were direct recommendations made by Citigroup, a top campaign donor.

(13) Received more donations from Wall Street in 2008 than any previous politician.

(14) Approved new offshore drilling sites for both oil and gas in Alaska.

(15) Approved the drone assassination of a 16-year old American citizen in Yemen.

(16) Prosecuted eight whistleblowers under the Espionage Act, more than under all other Presidents combined. This included Edward Snowden who first exposed the NSA’s domestic spying program to the American public.

(17) Not only extended the Bush-era tax cuts but made them permanent.

(18) Slashed the food stamp budget by $8.7 billion.

(19) Provided $4.6 trillion to Wall Street without prosecuting a single banker responsible for the financial collapse.

(20) Exceeded the Bush Administration’s total number of marijuana-related arrests by 2012, including the raiding of legal marijuana dispensaries.

(21) Escalated tensions with Russia by applying sanctions over (as of yet) unfounded claims of hacking DNC servers.

(22) Proudly promoted a health care reform bill that did not address costs, despite the law being called the Affordable Care Act, which chiefly relied on an insurance-mandate. A boon to Big Insurance and Big Pharma, it was originally conceived by the right-wing Heritage Foundation in 1989 and implemented by Mitt Romney in Massachusetts.

(23) Did nothing when it was discovered that the Big Banks had used millions of forged and fabricated documents for many of the 9.3+ million American households that were foreclosed on, refusing to prosecute a single person responsible and leaving 20+ million Americans without a home.

(24) Cut $716 billion from Medicare.

(25) Actively participated in the rigging of a Presidential primary election within his own Party.

…and don’t EVER forget it.


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