Hillary Has Only Herself to Blame

Someone needs to call POLITICO and remind them that the Clinton and Trump campaigns spent a combined total of $2.65 billion, so reporting that 150,000 bucks worth of Facebook ads could have, in any way shape or form, tipped the election is misleading at best. In truth, it’s just false reporting.

Consider the math.

If Russia did purchase $150k worth of Facebook ads… and that’s still a big if because no evidence has actually been presented… that still only amounts to 0.0056% of the total amount spent. Yet on Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton said this:

“We’re gonna make Facebook own up to everything. They’ve just begun to own up. They have a long way to go before they get where they need to be.”

She’s already blamed Bernie Sanders (who campaigned for her to a nauseating degree), FBI Director James Comey (who let her slide on her crimes), Barack Obama (who aggressively campaigned for her in a way that no sitting President has ever done), the media (which had her back from the start), Jill Stein (who won less than 1% of the vote), and now she’s blaming the 0.0056% of total campaign money spent over FB ads that were allegedly paid for by Russia? How deluded must she be to blame anyone but herself when she was running against a candidate as historically, pathetically weak as Donald Trump?

You voted for the Iraq War. You refused to support $15/hour minimum wage. You called black youths “super-predators”. You rejected single-payer healthcare. You did paid speeches for Wall Street. You dismissed voters you needed as “deplorables”. You called the TPP the “gold standard” of trade deals. You didn’t bother to campaign in Wisconsin. You declared yourself a centrist. You didn’t support breaking up the Big Banks. You engaged in pay-to-play. You put national security at risk (RE: emails). You lied about being under sniper-fire in Bosnia. You accepted debate questions in advance. You called on Julian Assange to be assassinated. You threatened war with Russia and China. You supported deporting immigrant children. You accepted money from the private prison industry. You pushed for regime-change in Libya/Syria. You promoted fracking. You… still expected to win the Presidency?

You lost, Hillary, because you were a horrible candidate and an even worse person and it’s time for you to own it. Then go back to the woods because Americans are done with you. Or just keep digging a deeper and deeper hole as you have been. Just be aware that it’s you that will ultimately be buried in it, along with the entire Democratic Party.


Originally posted on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 7:06pm PDT
via Facebook on American Revolt

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