Offense Budget, Not Defense

Why not split the federal defense budget into two parts? One for actual defense and one for offense. Defense ends at the border. Any acts of aggression outside of it, especially against poor brown people in the middle-east that don’t even possess an air force or long-range missile capacity, should not be part of a so-called defense budget.

When the Bush Administration launched the War on Terror, it was deflecting the fact that they were starting a War of Terror, which both the Obama and Trump Administrations have been happy to escalate. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan… when does it end? None of these countries have attacked us, yet we continue to drop bombs over their skies.


As if killing 4+ million Muslim civilians since 9-11 wasn’t enough, it looks like North Korea, Iran, and Venezuela are now on deck. This is the American Empire in action, the priorities of the American Gestapo.

But unlike the Germans during the rise of Hitler, we must have the foresight to rise up and obliterate those who perpetrate such atrocities. This includes many top officials (criminals) of the Clinton, Bush, Obama, and Trump Administrations, the majority of Congress, and most especially those who operate the Pentagon.

If we fail to act boldly, if we do not reform and reboot this country, if we continue to knowingly fund terrorism with our tax dollars, then all Americans will remain  complicit. Inaction equates to a passive acceptance of continued genocide.

We owe it to the world and ourselves to be better. We can do better. But first we need to have the guts to recognize our true enemy. Nothing will change until we do.


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