Even Iraq Has Single-Payer

When you hear an American politician say that single-payer healthcare is an impossibility, remember Article 31 of the Iraqi Constitution drafted by the Bush Administration:

“Every citizen has the right to health care. The State shall maintain public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment by building different types of hospitals and health institutions.”

Yep. The U.S. Government, under a Republican President no less, successfully sponsored a single-payer healthcare program for the Iraqi people in 2005. But not for Americans. Our government didn’t even bother to try under a Democratic President who specifically ran on single-payer AND had a Democratic supermajority in both Houses from 2008-2010. Instead we got a right-wing healthcare plan developed by the Heritage Foundation in 1989.

Since an average of 30,000 American die each year from lack of coverage, that means the U.S. Government, a majority of representatives from both political parties, found it acceptable for over 360,000 U.S. citizens to die preventable, predictable deaths since 2005. Here, in the wealthiest nation in the history of the world.

Pissed off yet? Save it for the streets. We’re going to need that energy and then some to stop the sociopaths running the American Gestapo.


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