Hillary Even Stole Her Book Title

First she stole the primary nomination from Bernie Sanders, now she’s stolen a book title from Scott McClellan. You don’t need to read “What Happened” to know what happened during the 2016 election. I’ll tell you right now. (SPOILER ALERT) Hillary Clinton and the Corporate Democrats f#cked the whole country. THE END.

The DNC, led by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, colluded with the media (CNN especially, RE: Donna Brazile) and rigged the primary election against Bernie Sanders in order to promote the preferred candidate of their corporate donors. This was done by reducing polling stations, purging votes, and changing voter registrations in Bernie-leaning areas. This was done by leaking debate questions in advance to the Hillary campaign only. Throughout the primary Sanders held an average lead of +10.5 over Trump while Clinton held an average lead of +2.5 over Trump, a small enough advantage that fell within the margin of error. The Democrats knew that, which means they purposefully risked a Trump Presidency rather than allow the voters to select a progressive that would have won the Presidency. That’s how much they hated progressives. And they still do.

Bernie-supporters who donated to his campaign filed a class action against the DNC demanding their donations be refunded since there was never any chance of Bernie Sanders winning. The DNC attorneys have asserted on record that the party has “every right to favor one candidate or another”, despite party rules that state otherwise because, “as a private corporation, the DNC can change their own rules” if they wish. In other words, the DNC has ADMITTED, in Court, to rigging their own primary by insisting that it was legal for them to do so. Utter shamelessness.

Then the Democrats decided to deflect their colossal failure and played the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA card, even though the DNC server that was purportedly hacked by Russia was NOT hacked. The massive amount of data copied was downloaded too quickly to have been done wirelessly, which means it had to have be stolen remotely by someone with internal access. A mole. A DNC intern named Seth Rich, perhaps?

Whoever it was either leaked the stolen data to the Russians who then leaked it to Wikileaks OR it was sent directly to Wikileaks. Either way, Russia did NOT hack the DNC server or violate the law. But that didn’t stop the Democratic Party, the media, and three intelligence agencies from colluding to promote a provably false narrative.

We’d have more concrete answers if the FBI had ever been allowed to examine the (not) hacked server in question, but the DNC prevented an investigation by consistently denying them access. Gee, I wonder why? Interestingly, the FBI was one of 3 intelligence agencies to still back the DNC claims of Russian hacking despite the lack of evidence or even an investigation. If they really cared about the truth, they’d get a court-order to obtain the server. They haven’t.

In short: skip the book. There will only be distortions and excuses within those pages. Save your money for the next financial collapse.


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