Fire Back

Roughly 1,000 Americans are killed by cops every year. So let’s take the decade of 2005-2015. That’s 10,000 dead.

How many total cops were charged? 54.
How many total cops convicted? 11.
How many sentenced to jail time? 9.

Nine cops in jail for 10,000 dead citizens? No. No, there is no comparison. There is no tit-for-tat happening here. There aren’t two sides to this. What has happened has been an absolute slaughter without consequence.

We are losing the vast majority of these battles and until we recognize the true scope of the conflict underway we’re going to lose the entire war. That is what we must prevent.

As long as they fire upon us, we must fire back and it must be done outside the law because it’s clear that our “justice system” is the very same system that protects and emboldens the American Gestapo in the first place.

When all legal avenues have been exhausted, difficult but necessary steps are required. If we wait too long, we will only repeat the mistakes of Nazi Germany and even more blood will be shed. How many of our people must be caged like animals before we act? How many of our fellow citizens must die before we #REVOLT?

I’m sincerely asking.

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