NYPD: Putting New Yorkers At More Risk, Not Less

Security for New Year’s is ramping up, particularly in the major cities, especially after there have been several recent “terrorist” attacks abroad. I used quotes because the public is rarely privy to any of the evidence used against terrorist suspects, such as with the recent truck driver in Berlin. It would be nice to have an actual trial from time to time, but gunning down suspects or blowing them with drones has sadly become the new normal.

Sorry, is it too radical for me to encourage seeking justice using our justice system? You’re right, I was way out of line.

Anyway, nearly 7,000 NYPD officers will be patrolling Times Square this year:

An army brigade consists of 1500-3500 soldiers, so using the median of 2500 that means the NYPD will be deploying three army brigades just to cover Times Square. And that’s on top of the 65 sand trucks being placed in strategic locations. And the additional helicopters. And increased boat patrols.

That’s not just overkill. That’s dangerous.

Why? Because Americans are EIGHT TIMES more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist. True fact. Sooooo that means that in order to prevent terrorists from killing us, the NYPD in their infinite wisdom will be using taxpayer dollars to dramatically increase the number of cops in Times Square… cops who are more likely to kill us.

Kinda makes you wonder who the real terrorists are, doesn’t it?

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