Red-Baiting New York Times Misleads Again

There’s been a concerted effort by the Obama Administration and the mainstream media to push the United States into conflict with Russia over Putin’s alleged interference in the Presidential election (specifically to benefit Trump). I emphasis alleged because there has yet to be any hard evidence presented by any of our intelligence agencies. None.

But don’t let that stop the New York Times:

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 6.53.11 AM.png

Swell of evidence…? Misleading much? I’d say so. Strangely, the article (click here to read it all) contradicts it’s own hyperbolic headline by describing the evidence as circumstantial. But that’s the point. The NYT doesn’t expect Americans to actually read their articles. It’s all about the headline.

But why would the New York Times lie?
You mean besides the fact that they (most-especially Judith Miller) previously peddled the “Saddam has WMD’s” bullshit on behalf of the Bush Administration to help sell the war, leading to the worst foreign policy blunder in the history of the United States killing 4,486 American soldiers, 200,000+ Iraqi civilians, and leaving 1.7 misplaced Iraqis (refugees) that chose to flee the country…? Nope. Nothin.

Even the photo from the NYT article is manipulative, the camera angled down at Putin instead of straight-on with an emphasis on the emptiness around him. Anyone else think this makes him appear small, alone, and weak? Textbook propaganda.

The CIA “leaked” their findings to the Washington Post this time around and the media, including the disgraced NYT, is once again on the bandwagon promoting fiction.

Don’t worry, CNN has joined them in the red-baiting.

And NBC.

And CBS.

And ABC.

And President Obama, obviously.

And Hillary, who still cannot accept reality.

All of these sources (and others) continue to treat circumstantial evidence that hasn’t been made public… as somehow being a smoking gun. That’s not how things work and they all know better. They aren’t just misleading the public, but putting it in potentially serious danger.

To his credit, Trump refuses to join the red-baiting despite the massive media pressure to do so, demanding proof instead. He’s rarely reasonable, but this is one of those moments. Hopefully it lasts.

Americans must see through the media smokescreens this time, refuse to be as gullible as they were with the building-up of the Iraq War (myself included), and finally acknowledge that Hillary Clinton did not lose the election because of Putin. Whoever originally hacked her damaging emails didn’t make them damaging. They were damaging because she’s a corrupt, duplicitous politician. And yeah, I get that it’s an embarrassing loss for the Democrats. It should be. The sooner they stop trying to scapegoat their failure the sooner they can maybe, just maybe, focus on rebranding themselves into a viable, competent political party again.

“But Putin…!”

Sigh. We’re doomed.


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