Gun Control? Try Poverty Control

Think about the regions that tend to be the most unyielding about their 2nd Amendment rights. These are low-income areas which correlate with higher crime rates due to desperate survival instincts that naturally trigger from hitting rock bottom. That’s the trickle-down system working exactly as designed. Being made reliant on such a failed system breeds fierce resentment.

So we’re left with growing communities of the desperate poor, clustered together in increasingly dangerous neighborhoods. How many areas are like this? Well, consider that 50% of working Americans make only $30k a year and you can extrapolate the rest. Think of the systemic damage that has. Is it really so repulsive that these residents might cling to their guns a little too tightly? When you live in what feels like a warzone it’s rational to be armed, isn’t it? For self-defense? And now the government… that same fucking government that designed the failed system that left so many behind decades ago… now those same government fuckers want to take away the guns? Their last line of defense against tyranny?

That’s what they are thinking, anyway. But that’s because any remote hint of regulation, sensible or not, is immediately dismissed. Any compromise is rounded-up to a loss. Their mistrust of the system outweighs their fear of being shot. Think about that. Think about how severely flawed the system must be. Gun-nuts still should try better to be objective, as hard as that may be, and agree to a few sensible regulations, but I can empathize with their stubborn resolve.

It is odd though how the pro-gun side tends to be so pro-police, which only add fuel to the fire by putting more armed boots on the ground, amping up tensions in already tense neighborhoods. Seems a bit self-defeating, doesn’t it? That’s where the pro-gun side needs to wise up.

The anti-gun crowd, which I include myself in, is in the wrong for targeting the wrong problem in the first place. We’ve been trying to cure a symptom instead of the disease. If people are living comfortable, humane lives surrounded by others living the same they tend to be pretty relaxed. Calm, at ease. There’s less need for guns in that kind of environment and less reason to abuse substances to cope or make desperate decisions because now… NOW… there’s a life worth-living on the line. Something is finally at stake.

Gun sales would plummet. 

And look at that, the prison population also decreases and more money gets saved which can go toward education which contributes to ending poverty as well which lowers crime further which attracts more businesses which brings in even more jobs and even more revenue to hire more workers who bring in even more revenue so in the end the entire self-fulfilling system is so quickly revolving that it leaves a surplus for infrastructure, single-payer, universal college, minimum income… all of these progressive measures can be done and it wouldn’t cost a dime in the long-term. It just has to be approved by a Congress and signed by a President. But there is one problem. The corporations that own the politicians that control the system don’t see as much profit in changing things. That’s why we have over 2 million Americans in cages right now, to keep the stockholders happy and the people in their place. That is the only reason.

So with that tangent also in mind…

Instead of gun control, I feel the regulatory side should shift their focus to poverty control. That’s how you bridge the gap and completely side-step the NRA. Don’t bother with the guns. It’s like telling Russia to destroy their nukes but we don’t destroy ours. It’s not going to happen that way. You have to ease tensions. If you pull people out of the hell of poverty they will follow you to the end. That’s how you really rally and serve the people and become a political party with longevity.

End poverty by drastically cutting income inequality with a progressive tax system. Do that and they’ll turn in their guns for recycling and even do it voluntarily. And whichever President and Congress finally has the brains to realize that and the balls to do something about it… the President that really remembers to prioritize the demands of the majority and not just the few will win a 3rd term in a landslide. Oh, they’d find a way.

You win when you listen.

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